Doug Waters, President

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Every client is faced with a unique set of challenges. Our strategy at Waters Petroleum Advisors is to provide solutions that are cost-effective and tailored to the immediate needs and long-term goals of the client.

-We believe in delivering the best possible service at  the lowest possible price.

who we are

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Waters Petroleum Advisors provides Geoscience & Engineering services to oil and gas companies operating in Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48. Such services include the following: Operations & Wellsite Geology, Geosteering, Electrical, Nuclear & Acoustic Image Processing and Interpretation, Log Editing & QC, Petrophysical Interpretation, Regional Geologic Studies, Development Geology, Prospect Generation & Evaluation, Geological & Geophysical Interpretation, as well as Reservoir Modeling

Our mission at Waters Petroleum Advisors is to work alongside your company in such a way that the interface is transparent and indistinguishable from your employees yet provides a level of service that brings out the best in every team member involved.